St. John's Nagambie

262 High Street Nagambie

St. John's Church was commenced in 1883, opened for worship on the 8th April 1883, and consecreated in 1887. Services had been conducted in Nagambie as early as 1874 in the Mechanics Institute and also in the home of Mrs Way. St. John's is a red brick building with two curious features of the building being the non alignment of the two arches of the sanctuary and a floor which slopes from the west door to the sanctuary. The sanctuary stained glass window shows symbols of Christian worship, while in the nave can be seen a representation of Queen Victoria, and the "Light of the World." scripture texts painted on the walls.

On the weekend of the 1st and 2nd September 2012  

St. John's celebrated their 125th Anniversary

Where To Find Us

Nagambie is on the Goulburn Valley Highway north of Seymour and just over an hour from Melbourne. Nagambie sits on the shores of Lake Nagambie, an artificial lake created by the Goulburn Weir in 1891, where rowing regattas and waterskiing tournaments are held. The town holds the Australian Rowing Championships semi-regularly.